jueves, 11 de noviembre de 2010

opinion about the content of the expositions

Web Quest
 Well, this tool can be used to practice almost all the skills, in here we can share info it´s interesting.

the wiki can be very useful its really used now at days the info in there is good and extence but is no reliable at all.

Electronic Quizzes
They gave you a lot of advantages, like the grades of any exam, they can be taken at distance which is a really good.

Discussion Forums

It is used for share info with classmates and teacher, we had work with them and they rally help.

Virtual Learning Enviroment

It a very useful tool for teacher.

jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

Evidence video

         This is a really good video, it is about three different cities but with the same name, Durango, it was a work for 3th semester in there I work with Sandy and Daisy.

   This video was asked for the end of the semester so we put all we have by those days because I think from those days through now we  are better. Also it was a complete work because it evolves all the subjects that we had in that time.

From this video I can say that I get a lot of good and new information about the differents cultures.
This is just the Durango Mex, part.

jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

LEDLI Student

 Hello I´m Roselvia Esquivel Amador, I´m in 5th semester of this BA, I live in a little town call Santa Clara, An d I like School.

Who are you as student? 
       Well I think that I´m as student from LEDLI, I just are one more opportunity to help my state and my country to have better kind of life.

Do you have any skill or abilities ( as a a student, team, worker, etc) you are proud of?
      I think that I work better in teams, because I like to share my ideas and talk about another partners ideas and like with this we can made a better work.
How do you see yourself in the future as an English Teacher?

Working, of sure, well doing what I ´m learning, teach, with respect, responsibility  and the best I can do for my students and for the institution that I´m going to be working at. 
I hope to be a good example of we can do what we get in purpose.



jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

e- Portofolio

e -Portafolio
Is a net  notebook where students and teachers can archive their works and also they can have images,documents works that have made during a class or couse, and also it help to practice the use of the computer. Also is a very useful way to show the work to your teacher or share and work with parnerts on line.
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